Peanut chocolate chip gems

peanut choclate gems - title

We know that peanuts are a common food allergy, but we couldn’t resist because, well, chocolate and peanut butter!

I tried making these after Bill and I returned from a trip to Tuscany, Umbria and Rome. Because the best way to celebrate overcoming jetlag? Baking.

I wanted to develop a recipe using ingredients that are easy to come by that was also fairly simple in process. I started to get a bit worried when the batter it looked a little too wet as I was mixing it. Since this was a trial anyway, baked them as cupcakes and then I baked them longer and longer and longer. I kept hoping that they would finally bake all the way through. And they did! The results are very interesting – they are crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. Continue reading


Banana nut pancakes (allergen-free)

banana pancake - title

If you’re a banana nut lover, these are definitely for you.

Who doesn’t love banana pancakes?  The next time you see three sad bananas on your kitchen counter just peel two of them and freeze them in a ziplock bag.  Put one of them in your fridge.  Then thaw the frozen ones   and you can make wonderful banana pancakes!  This recipe really needs three bananas because of the missing flavors from  no wheat or eggs.  You can even buy extra bananas planning to let them ripen so you can have an amazing Sunday brunch!!! Continue reading

Chocolate chip cupcakes

chochip cupcake - title

Ah! Summer is here along with picnics, BBQs and informal gatherings with family and friends. Nothing says picnic like cupcakes and with the summer heat, desserts that are yummy even without icing are a real hit. When I developed this recipe, I was aiming for a cupcake that would taste like a chocolate chip cookie. Using brown sugar instead of white sugar results in color and flavor that are a nice change from your typical cupcakes. You will love their moist, spongy texture and how easy and fast these are to prepare.

Enjoy! Continue reading

Salmon Cakes

salmoncakes - title

Living in the Pacific Northwest we have access to spectacular salmon for a few months at very reasonable prices. I sometimes purchase fresh Copper River salmon at Costco for $12 per pound. Since it comes in 3lb bags, I just portion it out so I can freeze anything that I can’t use immediately. I also cook extra for “planned-overs” and then make these fantastic salmon cakes, which can be baked or sautéed. Either way you will love these easy, healthy, and delicious salmon cakes! Feel free to spice them up with your favorite herbs or spices such as chives, Siracha, curry powder, etc.  Continue reading

Millet porridge with pumpkin and hazelnuts

I know we’ve talked about this before, but finding delicious nutritious breakfast foods can be quite the challenge. Millet is very easy to digest and extremely nutritious. It is an ancient grain that is eaten all over the world.

Paul recently tried the millet porridge at Portage Bay Café, a Seattle favorite, and we tried to re-create it in our own kitchen from scratch. Luckily, it was very easy to make and just as delicious as the restaurant version. It’s quite rich so you don’t need a lot in your bowl to feel satisfied. Just put your leftovers in the fridge; it’s delicious chilled or warmed up in the microwave. Continue reading

Apple Coffeecake (allergen-free)

apple coffeecake - title

I recently returned from Italy, where I had many amazing Tuscan meals. While the pastas, truffle dishes and risottos were incredible, as you might imagine, what really intrigued me were the breakfasts. There were always several baked goods that resembled hearty coffee cakes so I decided to try to make a few for Positive Kitchen. This first one is made with apples.

Please follow the directions very carefully. You must weigh the dry ingredients and pre-cook the chopped apples or the cakes will come out soggy and unappealing. This only adds a few minutes to the prep time, but makes such a difference. In fact, this recipe is one where it’s especially important that you follow our tips & tricks on testing doneness and freezing (if you choose to store some) Continue reading

Allergen-free Cocoa Crisp

cocoa crisps - title

These cookies have been a family favorite for decades and now continue to be in its allergen-free form. You should have most of the ingredients on hand if you’ve tried some of our past baked goods. One advantage to this style of cookie recipe is that you can make the dough when you have time and store the dough in the freezer. When the time comes that you need cookies, you can either bake a few cookies or the whole batch.

Today I made a batch and before I turned around to plate them, Bill had eaten half of what I’d baked. Then a friend dropped by and ate a few more so I had to protect and scramble to get these photos! I think it’s strong endorsement when people who don’t have any food allergies—like Bill and Becky—gobble up my allergen-free treats.

As you can see in the photos, you can have fun decorating these. I made some plain with just a dusting of powdered sugar, iced a few with melted Enjoy Life Chocolate chips and dipped them in some chopped toasted nuts to dress them up. I even made a few into sandwich cookies with the melted chocolate as the filling. Once the cookies cooled, the chocolate hardened so they were easy to store. But really, who am I kidding? They will be gone before I can even prep them to freeze!

The texture of the cookies varies depending which GF flour mix you use. I suggest that using the recipe provided below. Continue reading

Allergen-free Apricot Oat Bars

apricot bars - title

I’m really quite excited to share this recipe. Not only are these bar cookies incredibly easy, delicious and fast to make, they are foolproof. As you can see from the photographs, they are also quite lovely.

The other day, I went to the used book store to get another old, reliable cookbook to flip through for inspiration and settled on a Better Homes and Gardens cookbook from 2000. I’ve mentioned many times before that I’ve found that the recipes in the time-tested classic cookbooks are simple and they really work because they’ve been tested in test kitchens. So here is another example for your enjoyment. Continue reading

Allergen-free Pita Bread

allergen-free pita - title

It’s finally starting to feel like spring here in Seattle. The farmer’s markets are filled with fresh flours and spring vegetables and it’s amazing. Don’t get me wrong. I love root vegetables, but after a full winter of them, we’re pretty excited that there’s more color all around. This recipe is the perfect to pair with those veggie-filled meals.

It all started when Tim from Alaska recently mentioned that he’d like to see a pita bread recipe, and you know what, Tim? We completely agreed. Pitas are great for party snacks, as a wrap, and to make last night’s leftovers into an instant lunch. It’s even great as a pizza base – we’ll post about that soon. Continue reading

Allergen-free Cherry Almond Scones

cherry almond scones - title

Sharing tea is always a special, especially when accompanied by some scrumptious scones. Whether you’re celebrating your mom, grandma, aunt or another influential woman in your life, here’s a quick recipe to spice up your scone game. So why not whip up a batch of these for a special Mother’s Day treat? 🙂

I had scones on the mind a couple days ago, when I found some dried cherries in the pantry, just begging to be used. Adding some almonds for complementary flavor and crunch, I whipped up this quick and easy snack. They’re even quicker if you just keep the leftovers on hand in your freezer.

Scones are not only great to eat leisurely with tea, they’re handy to have as a quick breakfast.

Some tips before we get started:
To speed up the prep and clean-up, I toast the nuts and chop them in the food processor before doing anything else and don’t forget to weigh the dry ingredients and use an instant read thermometer to know when they’re done. Continue reading