May & June classes are open!

Shari Teaching

We have some exciting news for anyone in the greater Seattle area!

As you may have read in the About Me section, I teach allergen-free baking at PCC, a local Seattle grocer. Sign-ups are currently open for the May and June classes and class schedules are available for September through November classes as well!

My blogging adventure has just begun, but I have been teaching for some time now, and would love to meet you in one of my classes. It’s $35 for members and $40 for non-members. I’ll be teaching the recipes below as well as some allergen-free baking basics. And of course, we taste all of the dishes! This link will take you to class schedules and registration.

May & June:
I’ll be teaching some fun, spring recipes: granola bars, easy raspberry crumble bars and BAGELS!!

Fall classes:
These classes will follow a holiday season theme with streusel apple pie, seeded dinner rolls and gingerbread cake.

Hope to see you there!


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