Welcome to Positive Kitchen!

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We here at Positive Kitchen believe in uplifting cooking & baking experiences—where you can use alternative, allergen-free ingredients and still get amazing results without making excuses for strange textures and tastes. We also have a very positive outlook on allergen-free eating. It truly is about enjoying what you can eat instead of focusing on what you can’t.

Here, I will introduce recipes that do not contain gluten, eggs, dairy, soy or beef. I developed a love for baking when was younger, from spending a lot of time baking with my grandmother. I later went on to study chemistry. Allergy free baking allows me to combine these two, and I love seeing chemistry come alive as I develop recipes.

Remember that for every recipe that I post, there are a lot of trials that you don’t see—allergen-free baking tends to be a bit tricky, since you can’t rely on ingredients like eggs and gluten that have so many handy properties in one ingredient. I’ve seen many creations ended up in the trash because even the dog wouldn’t eat it, but that’s where I come in! To arm you with recipes that work every time, once you get a few tricks down. And once you get those tricks down, you’ll be able to convert traditional recipes to fit into your allergy-free needs.

To learn a little bit more about me and my journey into the world of allergen-free baking & cooking, head over to my about me page!

We’ll be uploading twice a week-
Mondays: Recipe
Thursday: Allergen-free baking tips and information

If you like to archive recipes on Pinterest, we’ll also be pinning gluten//dairy//egg//soy//beef free recipes on our Pinterest board. While all recipes from this blog are tried and tested, we haven’t tried every recipe that we pin so we’d love your input if you try them!


One thought on “Welcome to Positive Kitchen!

  1. Congratulation’s Shari on the launching of Positive Kitchen. Your hard work and research is and will continue to bring people a new way of understanding food, and enjoying food while enhancing their lives.
    May you always rise and shine. We love you. Paula and David

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