Baking secrets: Weighing

weighing - title
Did you know that all commercial bakers weigh their ingredients? They don’t use “cup” as a measurement for dry ingredients. They use grams or ounces. This holds true for home bakers in Europe and Great Britain as well. As should we all.

There are several advantages to weighing:


1. You can reproduce the results

When we measure by volume, the amount of flour or starch depends on how densely you pack the measuring cup. The differences of 15 to 20 % make a very large difference in how your final product turns out. This is particularly true when we use several flours and starches in a recipe, the errors add up very quickly.

A demonstration that I like to do during my classes is to measure one cup of the same flour three times, and then weighing all three. It’s never the same!

weighing - put into bowl

2. It’s SO MUCH LESS messy.

You only have a spoon and a light weight bowl to wash. I also weigh solid fats, like coconut oil and palm shortening. There is no need to stuff the fat into a cup, push it down and then scoop it out and clean the cups. Just spoon it into the bowl you are using for weighing. Oh so simple!

Scales FAQ:

Aren’t they expensive?

Kitchen scales are inexpensive. I paid $18 for mine at Costco.

Where can I buy one?

They are available at most kitchen stores and online.

What should I look for in a scale?

When purchasing one, make sure it has both grams and ounces.

// Do any of you use scales when baking? Tell us about it below!


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