Is it done yet? Knowing when to take your allergen-free good out of the oven

Temperature - title
Did you know that it’s actually the wheat flour and dairy in the bread that makes it brown? The “doneness” of gluten-, dairy- and egg-free baked goods cannot be judged by looking or tapping, like you can with wheat-flour based breads.


Option 1:

Put an enormous amount of effort into purchasing the ingredients, making time in your busy schedule to bake, find a good recipe, even take a class in the hope of baking wonderful breads only to end up with a doughy, gummy, crumbly loaf with a hole in the middle.

Option 2:

Use an instant read thermometer.


I don’t know about you, but Option 2 looks much better to me.

thermometer - small


This simple, fool-proof method for properly baking these special products takes away all of the guess work. Loaf bread, rolls, bagels and scones should be baked until the instant read thermometer reads 200 degrees. Thermometers are inexpensive (about $12) and are available at kitchen stores and online. (I personally prefer the digital version.)

Do not put the thermometer into the oven.  The baked goods should be removed from the oven to have their temperature measured while still in/on their pan. Steps to take the temperature of a baked good:

  1. Remove the item, still in/on the pan from the oven.
  2. Insert the thermometer so that the tip is near the center.
  3. Hold it still until the temperature stops going up.
  4. If the temperature is less than 200 degrees, put the bread back in the oven and try again in a few minutes.
  5. If the temperature is 200 degrees or more, turn your oven off. You’re done!


  • You may need to use tongs of a clean oven mitt to hold rolls/bagels/scones steady for a good read.
  • Be sure to keep your oven door closed while you are doing all of this so that the oven temperature doesn’t drop.
  • Browning may still occur, depending on your flour mix, but it does not indicate “doneness” as it does in the case of glutenous breads

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