Baking Secrets: How to save time

Don’t want to look like this?

measure ahead - first

If flour all of your face and kitchen isn’t your idea of fun, read on…

Let’s face it.  If we could easily purchase delicious affordable specialty baked goods we would, but with several dietary restrictions this is just not possible. Many commercial gluten-free baked goods have egg, dairy and/or soy in them. Since most of us must bake, let’s explore ways to make it much less time-consuming.

measure several recipes at a time

Weigh dry ingredients ahead of time

Baking does take a lot of time and energy. There is no denying this. The good news is there are ways to fit baking into a very busy schedule. One strategy that I employ is to break the baking into a two day project. These two days do not need to be right in a row.

I will take some time after dinner and measure out the dry ingredients for three recipes. This way I make a kitchen mess on my counter just once. After weighing the different flours, starches, and other dry ingredients I can put all of the packages and containers back in the cupboard.


  1. Each recipe’s dry ingredients go into a separate clean, dry bowl
  2. Carefully wrap each bowl with plastic wrap
  3. Write on a Post-it note which recipe it is for and what is in the bowl because it’s very easy to forget if you did put in the baking powder. I know because I have made that mistake.
  4. Bake on a different day!

Once the dry ingredients are all measured out the baking goes very quickly. As you can see in this photo, I prepared the dry ingredients for three separate recipes using the steps above, and placed them in an out-of-the-way place in my dining room. As long as no moisture gets into the bowls, all is well.

measure several recipes at a time 2


Keep your freezer stocked

The majority of the recipes that I develop freeze very well. That way I don’t have to bake as frequently. And neither will you.

I also always double the recipe for pie crusts. The mess is the same whether you make one crust or two – so just double the recipe and divide the dough in half. You can either eyeball it or use a scale. Then shape the extra crust into a disk about 1 inch thick and wrap it in a freezer-safe bag. Use a permanent marker to write what it is and the date I made it.

This way, when you get a bounty of wonderful summer fruit it takes almost no time to put together a delicious pie. Just make sure you thaw the dough to room temperature before you use it so you can just press it into your pie pan with your fingers. No rolling will be necessary and you won’t get a mess on your counter.

// What do you think?

// What are some time-saving tips that you use?


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