Baking Secrets: How create an allergen-free recipe

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The Positive Kitchen experience that we derive our name from isn’t just about giving you great recipes to use, it’s about giving you the tools to convert your own. As much as we try to have a good mix of recipes, there’s just no way that we can help you recreate an old family favorite and even more, we love collaboration. We would love to help you make an old favorite accessible to you and your family so without further ado…

Developing an allergen-free recipes in 5 steps!

  1. Find inspiration: Mine typically come in the form of requests, either by Paul, a student or a friend.
  2. Look at traditional recipes: By starting with an excellent well-developed recipe I am able to convert it into a very good recipe without gluten, dairy or egg. Some favorites include classics such as the Joy of Cooking, America’s Test Kitchen, The Cake Bible, etc.
  3. Discard recipes that use more than three eggs.
  4. Use replacements as necessary
  5. Repeat as often as necessary

For example, the scone recipe was taken from the Joy of Cooking. I substituted Pamela’s Bread mix for the flour (by weight), EnerG egg replacer for the eggs, cultured coconut milk for the buttermilk, and coconut oil for the butter. The results were very close to wonderful on the first attempt. I then tweaked the recipe slightly until I was pleased with the result and that recipe is currently on the blog. Sometimes it can take many versions before I get it right.

crafting recipes

Why don’t you start with gluten-free or vegan recipes?

I use this full-conversion approach because in well respected cookbooks, all of the recipes are developed by professional cooks and bakers. This means that the proportions of sugar, fats, flour, starch, leavening, emulsifiers etc are correct and will produce the proper crumb, mouth feel, crust, etc. I decide what to substitute for each ingredient based on chemistry and many years of baking experience. Don’t have a degree in chemistry? I’ll continue to share my baking secrets here, so be sure to refer back here often!

When Paul first received his diagnosis, I tried converting gluten-free recipes from books and websites by subbing out the dairy and the eggs. But after preparing many unpleasant baked goods I decided there had to be a better way. There were quite a few items that even the dog would not eat.

converting recipes - nope

That was when I turned to my well used, dependable cookbooks and the results are much better. I hope this conversion chart helps you. The chart is weight-based because that is the quickest way to a successful recipe. For more details, read our post on weighing here.

// What recipe do you wish you could convert?


One thought on “Baking Secrets: How create an allergen-free recipe

  1. I just baked a new recipe for delicious brandied fruit bread. Moist and tasty. I converted a recipe using the techniques in this post. I’ll be sharing it soon so keep reading

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