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Erica (the editor) here! I went glacking ( = glamorous backpacking) with a friend last weekend and wanted to share a couple recipes and techniques that we used when cooking our meals. We had a small cooking stove, 2 pots and a spatula to make these meals. Luckily the day that we went glacking, it wasn’t warm enough where we felt like we needed to carry things in some sort of cool carrier.

For most meals we snacked on fruit, sandwiches and granola, but we wanted to be sure to have a couple meals that were warm and a bit gourmet. Enjoy!

Dinner: Allergen-free (and vegan) tacos

finished tacos - small

You will need…

  • Allergen-free tortillas (we used Udi’s, which has egg white in it)
  • Caramelized onions
  • Baked sweet potato
  • Lentils cooked with green chilis and mini tomatoes
  • Fresh cilantro

Everything was cooked once beforehand, only lightly seasoning the lentils/green chilis/tomatoes combo. After they cooled, we packed each component into plastic bags to hike. To make the tacos, all we did was mix everything together except for the tortillas and cilantro. The tortillas were heated using an empty pot. Just build your taco as you would any taco and voila! An amazing meal.

making tacos - small


Breakfast: Blueberry Pancakes

cooking pancakes - small

We packaged the wet and dry ingredients into separate plastic bags–be sure to double bag the wet ingredients. After dinner, we put the bag containing the wet ingredients into a pot with the lid and placed it in the lake (with a rock on top so it wouldn’t get washed away!). The next morning, my friend fished it out and we just added the wet and dry together and shook and squished it together until we felt like it was adequately mixed.

After lining the pot with olive oil, we put in some of the batter, fresh blueberries and cooked it until it looked done. Keep in mind that since it was in a pot over a camp stove, it looked more like a pancake scramble than a traditional pancake. There’s really nothing quite like a delicious, warm breakfast after dragging yourself out of your warm sleeping bag. I highly suggest it if you can afford to carry the ingredients. I highly suggest using a basic and solid pancake recipe and then adding in the extras (blueberries, chocolate chips, etc) as you like.

I wish I had a nice “after” picture for you, but between being excited for the pancakes and trying to cook while eat while taking photos in the drizzle, looks like it didn’t happen.

// Tell me some of your favorite allergen-free camping eats in the comments below!

// Do you have any tips to add? Please collaborate with us in the comments section!


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