A few of my favorite kitchen tools

kitchen tools - title
My father, a mechanic , always said “everything is easier when you use the right tool.” This also true when you’re doing specialty cooking and baking. I have a nice kitchen, but it’s not new or fancy and it’s definitely not huge so I only make room for pieces of equipment that I feel are essential.

Some tools I’ve already mentioned are a scale for weighing, parchment for parchment slings and instant read thermometers to determine when your baked goods are done.

If you’re going to be baking frequently, a heavy-duty stand will be your new best friend. I have a Kitchen Aid mixer that I use for breads, cakes, cupcakes, muffins and all sorts of goodies. The two attachments I use most frequently are the paddle attachment and the balloon whisk attachment.

kitchen tools - investment items

A food processor will come in very handy for prepping vegetables, slicing fruits, chopping nuts and making certain types of dough. I have a Cuisinart, but you don’t have to be too picky about brand.

kitchen tools - measuring spoons

I suggest you have at least two sets of measuring spoons. That way you can use one for dry ingredients and one for wet ingredients because switching between the two can be hectic. Go for function, not cuteness, when you make your purchase. You will also need one complete set of metal or heavy plastic measuring cups for dry ingredients. Baking pans should be relatively heavy, but don’t need to be nonstick coated because they will almost always be lined with parchment paper. The exception to this rule is if you’re getting a Bundt pan. Cupcake tins are also essential since gluten-free baked goods turn out better when baked in smaller sizes.

kitchen tools - measuring cups
There is also a variety of small kitchen tools that I find handy. A small whisk is essential for thoroughly blending egg replacer into liquid. One of my favorite items is a small quarter cup Oxo measuring cup that is marked into tablespoons and ounces, which I also use for the egg replacer. At least two plastic or Pyrex measuring cups for measuring liquids should be in your cupboard. I also love my scoops that I use for portioning out cookies, cupcakes, pancakes and muffins.

With the exception of the food processor and the stand mixer, these items are not expensive. When you consider the cost of purchasing allergen free food at the grocery store, a small investment in well functioning equipment is very worthwhile.

As the fall and winter approach and we start preparing hearty soups, you will hear me talk about how much I love my immersion blender.

// Let us know your favorite kitchen tools below!


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