A Positive Kitchen Picnic

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With summer coming to a close at an alarming pace, I decided to throw a picnic for my family because nothing says summer quite like sharing a meal on a picnic bench or blanket does.

When planning a picnic for my family, it was important to me to make sure that everyone could eat everything. This includes my son, Paul, who has quite a few food intolerances. And it was actually easier than you might first think!

My son-in-law’s mother asked what she could bring. I gave her a straight forward run-down of what food restrictions we were planning around and suggested a salad – salads tend to be easier for people who aren’t used to preparing allergen-free meals and are a great addition to any meal.

Here’s my menu:

Main: Grilled salmon (don’t forget to decontaminate the grill before you use it!)
Sides: Corn with Earth Balance soy free margarine spread.
Appetizers: Hummus // Guacamole + Corn chips // Raw veggies
Dessert: Peach blueberry crisp // Pecan shortbread cookies

picnic 1

As you can see from the photographs there was plenty of delicious, healthy food. Designing and cooking a meal that is enjoyable for everyone at the picnic was no harder, no more expensive, and no more time-consuming. Actually I found it less work than making a separate dish or meal just for the person with dietary restrictions.

An added bonus was that my son-in-law’s father who rarely eats dessert went for thirds of the peach blueberry crisp!! We here at Positive Kitchen love it when everyone can find joy from food.

Planning a picnic? Here are some more useful recipes:

picnic 2


Happy picnicking!

// What are some of your favorite picnic foods?

// As we head into the holiday season, I’m brain storming recipes to share with you – please leave any requests in the comments below!


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