2014 in Review

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Editor’s note: Now that we’re a month into 2015, we’re reflecting back on the year prior. 2014 was a huge year for Positive Kitchen. It was the year that we finally convinced Shari to take her allergen-free baking online! There’s still a lot to learn about the world of food blogging, but if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that we love it. While one of our goals is to share great allergen-free recipes with you, our greater hope is that this blog will help us connect allergen-free communities as we navigate exploring and enjoying foods within our personalized diets.

Now that we have some great recipes up on the blog, we’re hoping to share little tid bits from our lives so you know who’s behind all these weekly demands to weigh your ingredients.

Like converting a recipe for the first time, life can be really unexpected. A few of you may have already heard that Shari and her husband had a bit of an adventure during a vacation last year. Even more may have noticed our shift from posting twice a week to once a week. Well, there’s a story behind that so I’ll let Shari take it from here. 

colorado river - shari

My husband and I have enjoyed many whitewater rafting trips over the last 20 years. We have amazing memories from the Rogue River in southern Oregon and on the Salmon River in Idaho. For many rafters the ultimate trip is 16 days on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon and after reading an amazing book called the Emerald Mile, we decided to book this trip.

We made arrangements in January for the trip to take place in October, including doing a whole lot of more physical training than I usually do. After a flight and shuttle, we arrived at Lee’s Ferry and got into the rafts. Unfortunately for me, on the very first day of whitewater, a huge wave hit my neck in just a certain way that exacerbated a pre-existing condition and left me not only in pain, but unable to use my arms. As hard as it was to walk away from a trip I’d dreamed about for so long, we decided that it was unsafe for me to continue the trip as I was no longer able to swim or hang on to the raft.

The trip leader quickly assessed the situation, leading to my being be medi-vaced out of the Grand Canyon on a helicopter. One of the more amazing things about this entire journey was the number of remarkably kind, and professional people I encountered from the river guides, the helicopter EMT team, the National Park Rangers, the OARS staff, Alaska Airlines, the medical professional I saw in Flagstaff, etc. all the way back to my house in Seattle. My return trip took about two and a half days and I encountered a series of remarkable human beings all along the way. The National Park Service doesn’t allow you to fly out on a helicopter unless you are in a life-threatening situation so my husband had to continue on the trip, making the hospitality even more welcome and comforting.

colorado river - heli

Once I returned home my kids and an army of amazing friends came to the rescue. I was also told that I would need surgery and I’m happy to report that a couple pieces of titanium later, I’m doing much better.

Some of you may wonder what someone like me does for 6 weeks of recovery. Well the answer is pretty obvious. I develop recipes and try and make a few where I need minimal use of my arms while I recover. Each weekend someone comes over to my house and I play creative director while they bake a recipe or two. And boy has it been a productive month! Here are some recipes that we have coming your way:

As you all figured out by now I tend to look at the upside of situations. So instead of being bummed that I missed out on the vacation of a lifetime I am actually delighted that my spine is now stabilized, that the peripheral nerves are no longer being crushed, and that my spinal cord is now protected. And I feel blessed that I received excellent medical care and should have a full recovery.

As always thanks for reading.  And please let me know what recipes you’re interested in.

Monkey bread is very high on the list!!!!



2 thoughts on “2014 in Review

  1. So glad you’re ok, Shari! I wondered what happened when your PCC class was canceled.

    I made monkey bread twice – one test run on a snowy day and then for real on Christmas. I made your biscuit recipe as usual, pinched off pieces of dough, rolled them in melted coconut oil, rolled them in cinnamon and sugar, and put them in cupcake liners in a cupcake pan (pre-portioned!). Everyone loved it.

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